About ADPP

The Arena for Data Privacy Professionals:

Since global regulations surrounding data privacy and protection have strengthened the data handling framework, the data professional is core to the management of every organisation. However, we have found that many Data Protection Officers and Heads of Compliance are working in isolation.

The Arena for Data Protection Professionals has been established as a peer to peer community where support is available for anyone dealing with data: DPOs, Heads of Compliance, CTOs, CISOs, Marketing Communications managers, Customer Service managers, CIOs...

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The updates and peer to peer support and advice: a friendly arena in which to share ideas, seek help, or simply vent frustration.

This Digital Arena (website) will be a source of news and information, with access to education and training. Our online community is an area where, if you wish, you can ask for advice, or opinion, and share your own experiences.

We will be reviewing and featuring some of the technology tools available so you can determine which are the most appropriate for your organisation.

We are organising face to face events, where we can meet, under Chatham House rule, to network with our Data Protection and Privacy Peers. At these networking events, we will ask a guest speakers to talk for a few minutes about a topical issue so we can learn and debate.

Welcome to ADPP.

What is the aim of ADPP?

To build a support network for DPOs and other data protection professionals

To provide up to date information / education / advice and thoughts

To offer training

To develop a peer to peer community

Listen to David Clarke talking about ADPP

Take a look at part of one of our recent events:

Listen to Carol Tullo and Lisa Wilson talking about DPOs gaining "buy-in" from colleagues and avoiding being the person who stops people "doing their jobs"