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Virtual Conference: Cyber Commuting

  • 26 Mar 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 5:18 PM
  • Join via YouTube


We have brought together a number of specialists from companies working in the Cyber Space and Data Protection arena to offer advice and practical help to all organisations who are now in the position of trying to carry on with everyone at home. There will also be some input from vendors who we have chosen to talk about the practical solutions available.

The threat of Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches is even greater than ever now, and we aim to offer advice about how to mitigate this.

Our moderators will be David Clarke FBCS and Carol Tullo, OBE, LLB, and chairman, Penny Heyes

Our agenda will cover the following topics: (timings are approximate)


1 pm 9 am Data Protection and Cyber Security - one and the same: Francis West

1.20 9.20 Home working - security steps to take Case Study : Dave Williams

1.40 9.40 Checking all your data assets - where are they? : Jody Rae Westby

2.00 10.00 Secure, Protect & Audit your Remote Workforce by Utilising DNS Security: Necati Ertugrul

2.20 10.20 Cyber Insurance and Incident Response Mark Hawksworth

2.40 10.40 Importance of Training Richard Beck / Nick Houlton/ Ellie Bowett

3.00 11.00 Legal implications relating to DP and remote working Tina Fernandez

3.20 11.20 Internal Communications – what to tell your team Madeline and Dan Penton

3.40 11.40 Supply Chain assurance and operational resilience Laura Greenwood

4.00 12.00 How to Look Professional on Screen Kiki L’Italien

4.20 12.20 Cloud Protection -Perfect Cloud Mayukh Gon

4.40 12.40 Summary: basic cyber hygiene when working remotely. Top tips Malcolm Taylor

5.00 13.00 Close

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